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Mad Samurai

Japanese, Restaurant
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Mad Samurai bring you the best of Japanese cuisine tailored to New Zealand taste buds.

Mad Samurai combines relaxed style Izakayu dining (shared plates) with a speciality in Wagyu beef dishes for our lunch and dinner menu.

Our Mad Samurai Wagyu is farmed in the Canterbury plains using traditional Japanese methods perfected over 100’s of years. We believe this is the tastiest Wagyu farmed in New Zealand.

Our sauces have been developed especially for Mad Samurai by Shimzusan, owner of several beef style restaurants in Kobe, Japan – and the home of Wagyu beef.

For breakfast we offer a Japanese detox breakfast to start your day in the right way. Low in calories and full of healthy goodness, once you try this you will understand why Japan has the longest life expectancy in the world. 

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